Robert Wheeler

I have been fortunate enough to have served alongside Josh when he formed this foundation in 2006. Through the years, I have gotten to know Josh and see his passion for people, and his desire to give give back to the community that did so much to help him during his own personal battle with cancer. His dream has become contagious and it has been exciting to see the impact the foundation has been able to make in the Community Cancer Center and numerous youth and sports programs here in Douglas County. The smiles on the faces of people the foundation has served through the years has made it worth serving on this foundation.

Garrett Hanna

I have been a youth sports coach in some capacity for most of my adult life. I see first-hand how important it is for a child to have a positive adult role model in their life. Like Josh has said many times, this positive role model, is a coach or a mentor that a child has met while playing sports. I love that our organization gets to help be a part of shaping the future of young children in our
community. Whether it is upgrading the football equipment at a local middle school or providing scholarships that allow kids that are less fortunate the chance to play, I think the Josh Bidwell Foundation plays a huge role in impacting the future of our kids through sports and I’m happy to be a part of that.

Trista Tomlinson

I have served with the board for 5 years and have served as the Treasurer for the last 4 years. I have a strong passion for what the Josh Bidwell Foundation represents and am honored to be apart of giving back to the community in a big way. Josh Bidwell has been a huge role model in my life and I am honored to serve along side him and this incredible foundation.

Kayla Calvert

I love being part of a foundation
that gives so much back to our community. 

Ronda Paschke

There are so many worthwhile causes to donate ones time to, but serving on the JBF board and seeing how we are able to speak into peoples lives, enriches my life – so I  guess I  serve for selfish reasons, but it is an honor I cherish!! For many charitable organizations, the funds raised at the local level wind up going into a regional or even national fund and the local community receives only a small portion. However, 100% of the funds raised here in Douglas County STAY IN DOUGLAS COUNTY and go directly to youth organizations, sports programs and  those affected by cancer who live here, our neighbors and friends not individuals in another state and I  have been able to witness first hand how these funds have impacted and changed people’s lives.

Nikki Hansen

I  began my involvement years prior to joining the board and during that time I  watched our community benefit greatly from this foundation’s efforts in supporting the CCC and numerous youth sports organizations and have been honored to do so. I  have a huge heart for our community’s youth and the active lives they lead and having this opportunity to be a part of a foundation that shares that same love is incredible. I  look forward to the many years ahead as this foundation continues to grow and contribute to the prosperity of those in need within our community. 

Stacie Hanna

I joined the Josh Bidwell Foundation because I wanted to be able to provide resources,  supplies and support for the vulnerable populations of my community; particularly, the children!  Compared to the state of Oregon, Douglas County has a very high poverty rate.  Therefore, many kids are unable to play sports because of the lack of resources in their homes.  Athletics teaches individuals so many valuable lessons about perseverance, working hard, being accountable, teamwork and health promotion.  Every child should have the opportunity to learn those skills, and the JBF has provided such for so many children over the years.  There is never a doubt in my mind that this foundation is doing something great in our community! 

Shaun Ryan

Blair Brundige

Why JBF: Good question. From the moment I came to the first JBF event, I was hooked. There are meaningful experiences in life that end up shaping a person’s character and values. Youth sports, cancer, and Jesus Christ just happen to be the most influential aspects of shaping my character. They have all challenged me to become a better man, and it is something that I hope to pass on to my community through a foundation that does the same.